A Wonderful Expression of Community

Posted on 17. Jul, 2010 by in The Body

I just finished reading a post by Norma Hill, at Pen and Paper Mama.  She wrote a post entitled “whole-body participation in our meetings“, that links to another post entitled “Everyone” at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine.  The discussion is concerning other ways, besides in our sit-down meetings, that the body functions AS the church, and doesn’t just GO to church.  The thing that struck me, about this post and this blog in general, is the great lengths Norma has gone to find fellowship and community.  In the grand scheme of things this probably isn’t really “great lengths”, but it seems so from my perspective, and its more than what many Christians, myself included, would’ve thought to do to find community.  Basically, Norma has found or created fellowship among “street level” people in her home town, and her fellowship is with them.  Read this post, for a description of what a typical meeting is like, and see if you are as intrigued as I am.  As I commented on her blog, the ultimate expression of the body would be for the wealthier among us to begin providing a hand-up for these individuals that have fallen on hard times.  I believe the time is coming when these types of things will happen, as we become unfettered by the financial drags of salaries and buildings.  Thank you, Norma, for a great post, and a wonderful heart.

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